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April 02, 2006



Interestingly, I wonder if the new Debbie Stoller book will help with some crossover? I've noticed some knitters who've purchased it are happily crocheting away now. :)


Well, I think the prejudice exists because crochet sucks and only losers do it.

Ah, I crack myself up. I'm joking, of course. I think you make an excellent point about crochet adding another dimension to knitting, that's so true. A row of single crochet around a neckline or along a button band can neaten up any loose, wonky stitches and give the garment a very professional finish. And I use it all the time to make little picot edgings on little things for my niece. That's really where my skill ends though, I can't do much more than edgings on knitwear.


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too! Any chance you'll be going to the knit/crochet convention @ King of Prussia this summer? If so, let's plan on hooking up. You show me knitting, I'll show you crocheting! Deal?? :)


I crochet and knit. Does that make me odd?

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